Optimal device for tracking

Hi I tried tracking mode on my Nokia 8. But it seems that this phone is too slow for this feature.
What is the optimal device for this feature?

Another drone will be optimal. Which connects via wifi to the phone.
You now have a phone-usb-usb-rc-drone chain. A lot of connections.
The phone-drone works much better.

Follow Mode highly relies on the location accuracy (GPS) of the smart device (phone/tablet).

The type of drone doesn’t matter.

Here’s a link to a Follow video using a Mini-1 & Galaxy S7edge:

Sorry, I used bad name of feature. Follow me mode is based on GPS. But I mean Tracking mode … It is based on camera and some algorithm.

That’s it for active track, the fewer delays in signal transmission, the better

Radio waves travel through air at the speed of light.

Don’t have high expectations from Litchi’s Track Mode, regardless which smart device you use.
(Search this forum & YouTube for “Litchi Track”)

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Yes, I tried it a few minutes ago on iPhone XR. The result is very similar. Tracking is unstable. But I think that is possible to improve it. So we will see in next releases.

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