No video recording Air2S RC Pro

When I attempt to take video (using orbit or manual fly is all I tested), Litchi takes no action when I use the touch screen and presss the video icon. When I use the RC Pro right shutter button, it switched to still mode and takes a still image. There are no issues taking still images.

All software is up to date on Litchi, RC Pro and Air 2S.

That’s what it is supposted to do, the left button starts video recording.

What ‘video icon’ do you mean:

Take photo/record. It changes to a video camera when in video capture mode.

So the left trigger works to record, just not the screen icon/button. The screen I on/button does take action in the other modes, just not video. That threw me off. I usually use a tripod and use the screen vs. triggers.

Button #8 to switch between photo & video mode.
Button #9 to take a photo or start/stop recording video.

However when video recording is in progress you first have to stop recording before you can switch to photo and take a photo.

Button 9 does not work to take video. It does nothi g when in video mode. Button 9 works in all other still image capture modes. You described what I expected would happen.

Is your firmware up to date

Yes. Everything is up to date.