No Map when running the way point mission

When i create the way points in the Hub there is a map, well actually the satellite view is what i want. its there when i connect my tablet to the internet and the mission is now on my tablet.and i can see the waypoints on my tablet with the satellite background. when i go there to fly, it shows the route on a blank background. also when i start the mission my drone hovers for about 10 seconds before it starts otf.

Does the device you use to fly have cellular data (network access)? If not, enable a personal hotspot on your phone then connect your flying device to your personal hotspot.

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OK I will try that,
is there a DETAILED way point / hub manual?

here you go, its all here

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thanks if it is the one from the Litchi site i have seen that, was looked not for a general manual, one that goes into more detail

If doing what you say I will have to disconnect the drone, i want one like in DJI go 4 that i can use on the fly

I think you misunderstood or I wasn’t very clear. I’m saying that if you want maps to be displayed in the Litchi app while on-site, you could enable a hotspot on your phone then connect your flying device to it so that your flying device has network access to display the maps.

You can also cache maps onto your flying device while still at home and connected to the network. However, I find that is not always reliable or possible.


now i am really confused.

so what do i do with my tablet that i normally use now that my spark is now connected to my phone? and how do you connect a drone to a hot spot

Right here’s what you want to do:

Connect your tablet to controller as normal
Open the connection settings on your phone

Click on Mobile hotspot and tethering and turn mobile hotspot on

Now click on words mobile hotspot and make note of the name and password<and close settings on you phone

Now on your tablet open the connections setting and click on wifi and select the mobile hotspot that’s on your phone

Your tablet is now connected to the internet via your phone and you should now have maps on it