No access to Google Play. Is it possible to use Litchi?

I want to use Litchi, but apperently I have to buy the program again. The problem is, I don’t have access to paid apps from Google Play (I can download free Google Play apps via Aurora Store). Is it possible for me to buy and use Litchi?
Thanks in advance!
P.S. I can download Litchi from
but I need a license.

You could try the Amazon version since it is not Google affiliated and also supports DJI monitors as mentioned in the Litchi user manual.

“Litchi is available on the Amazon app store for devices which do not support google services. This include devices from brands like Huawei as well as DJI monitors.”

I just installed the app, and it seems to be working!
Thank you!
Edit: The app crashes after the 100% database download. I tried to install the version before, but my phone won’t install duplicates.
P.S. The app is in Insular, if that helps.

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