New user woes shooting a vertical series of images

Im trying to make a mission which flies to a certain point, takes a photo at 270 degrees, goes up 10m and takes the photo again, about 20 times all the way to 200m. I have made waypoints at each elevation and set the action but it does not seem to fly the mission properly and only records a few of the photos, not all. Is this a sensible way to do this. Would I be better to assign a point of interest? Can I have the drone look at the point of interest without taking into account the elevation?

sorry if these are bonehead newbie questions

Just set a direction.

Or a point of interest of the same height

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it seems to only be willing to take photos at the first or last point in a path.

For example on this path it photographs a panorama at 1 and 4 but flies straight throu 2 and 3 even though it is set to record a panorama at those points as well

seems to totally ignore stop for… command

Got it. Unless the path is set to straight lines it will always fly through a waypoint and not photo anything even if the curve is set to 0

You are using the wrong setting. To take pictures along the way use this

Do you need photos at waypoints? Or photos of the entire route?

I have the same basic question. OP wants to go up (new altitude) in the same location (I think) and take a photo from different heights.
I want to stay at the same height and coordinates, and take 4 photos, 90 degrees apart. (0, 90, 180, 270).
I have tried delays between photos, stacking four WP’s, but it takes one photo and continues on, ignoring the other three positions. Is this because in the “settings” for the mission, “Photo Capture Interval” is set on, to 30 feet? These actions cannot be combined?
DJI Mini 2, iOS, iPhone XsMax.

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Hey george. You might take a look at the panorama preset that seems to do basically what you want, but at slightly different angles

Show mission settings from app

Thanks for the response. I have already made some edits to the mission settings (turning off the interval capture) and going to try flying the mission again. If it still isn’t working will post back.

George the thing that sorted it out for me was choosing straight lines vs curves in the mission settings dialog. Once I did this, everything started to work.

Not sure about straight vs curves. (Pretty sure that setting was already set to straight) But I had “Photo Capture Interval” on in the Mission Settings. Then, I also had it on in the Flight Program, camera settings. Set the Litchi Flight Program (controller settings) to single exposure, turned "Photo Capture Interval" OFF in the Mission settings, saved everything, ran it again, and everything seems to work. Including where I was trying to rotate 90° with -90° gimbal setting, four times around the axis. Maybe it was just getting choked up with all the directions it was being given to keep taking more pictures every couple of feet, plus WP’s, plus AEB bracketed exposures! On to the next challenge. Thanks for the responses!

Remember that if you shoot raw format. Need about 5 seconds to record