New On Litchi App

Please i am new on the litchi app, can any help me on how set POI by coordinate or Grid? Also how do i get a coordinate or Grid of a location? i appreciate all comments

  1. You can only place a POI and set/edit its coördinates in the Mission Hub (by right-clicking on the map), not in the Litchi App.
    POI Settings

  2. The Mission Hub displays coördinates for waypoints and POI’s.
    Or place a Placemarker in Google Earth.

You can use Mission Planner and my Mission Planner to Litchi script for that.
YarostheLaunchpadder/MissionPlanner-to-Litchi: Convert Mission Planner (ArduCopter) Waypoint Missions to Litchi CSV Format to execute on DJI Drones (

Use Airmap app on cellphone. It gives you the right coordinates on the screen