Multiple fight plan blueprint

Beginner … looking for a way to establish waypoints with general blueprint across multiple flight plans ie. same altitude, speed, from point to point; same action at each waypoint ie. decend to x ft take a picture ascend and fly to next point. Need to have ability to override defaulted altitude on certain waypoints. And also ability to plan the mission in the field as well as offline. Basically I need to create a plan with basic defaults and apply them to a lot of plans quickly without assigning values to every waypoint across many plans and have in field ability to change if needed Can litchi app do this?

It is possible with Litchi to do this, write an initial blanket mission and then save it
in mission hub.
Then copy and move the entire mission to another location.

This quickie template concept may appear to be a good idea for a beginner,
and I am sure that many, including myself, have already tried to make it work.

The reality is that for each new location,
the need to change and check carefully all of the individual waypoint co-ordinates for hidden
their individual speed, headings and heights, move this, change that, stretch this one
to over there, add another one here.

It all quickly becomes a confusing mess, in which you have to check every waypoint
over and over again, looking for mistakes.

It is much less stress, and much faster,
to just simply create a fresh new mission for each of the new locations that you want to fly.

thanks for the info

may be over 100 plans - can a flight plan be created “in the field” rather than on website?

You can draw missions in the field. But if you want to move the mission to another location, you need a hub, it only works through the site