Missions and waypoints

Hi All, I’m a new “pilot” (lol). 70 years old living in Thailand and just got registered with the NBTC and CAAT here. I was trying to do a couple of missions that didn’t work but after searching the forum I see my mistake, don’t do curves, any way now that i know that maybe i can get a mission to complete. I would like at each waypoint for the drone to stop for 5s, stop recording, take a photo, start recoding and move on to the next waypoint, am i doing that in the correct order???
Oh by the way i have a Mini SE drone

ahoj, prosím čítal si návod ktorí tu je? tiež mam mini SE skúšal som len jednoduchšie misie. Help - Litchi

That sounds like the correct order. You may not have to wait a full 5 seconds. You could try just waiting one second before stopping the recording.

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Many thanks your reply, i’ll give that a try.