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Hello, i am looking to get some help with setting up a waypoint mission that is giving me some issues. My goal is to go to 3 different waypoints amd at each waypoint perform a smooth 360 degree yaw. These waypoints are at 3 different altitudes.

Currently, when i try to perform this mission it will go to the waypoint but will not perform the 360 yaw when set to 360 rotation (heading is set to 0, curved path is not selected). I am flying a p4p

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Look here. Look here

Are you referring to the fact that 0 is technically 360? I thought of this so i tried a mixture of different degrees 359,1… changed the rotation direction also to see if that was it. I can get it to do 45,180,275,then finish it off but not 0 to 360 full rotation.

Of course it’s impossible to turn around At 360 degrees. At 180 and another 180.
Create another waypoint with the same coordinates but 1m higher or lower. And put two poi. Speed ​​between points 0.4 km/h.

Raising or lowering the drone by 1 meter, at the height of which the drone flies you will not notice in the video

Currently i have no poi set. Just to clarify during this 1 meter transition you are saying that the drone will rotate while it ascends or descends to the new headings? If this is inputed wont there be a pause still between waypoints and not one continuous motion? Also jsut to clarify what are the 2 pois needed for? Thanks

There will be no pause. It will be a very smooth video. Poi may not be set, but you will need to set wp in different directions

It is worth clarifying that you need 3 points wp1, wp2(+1m +180 degrees), and wp3(-1m +180 degrees).
The lowest speed that can be set. If you use only 2 points, the speed will be too high

What’s stopping you from installing them? It’s always easier for me to put poi than adjust angles for wp

Each waypoint has the same camera angle. Just need to get a general 360 over view of the surrounding area.

There is another way to create multiple wp at the same height at a distance of 1m and make a circle. This can be done with both curves and straight lines of turns.

Poi will not change your camera angle. Just make poi the same height as wp.

I understand what you want. But the waypoint actions don’t allow you to set the turn rate, if you want smooth video use one of the methods I suggested.

Defiantly going to experiment with what you said tomorrow. First going to try the 3 waypoint method adding +180 for the last 2. Then i will try the poi at the 2 points to see the difference. Curious if doing the 3 points but with the poi would result in smoother video (slower yaw)?

No. Poi is the same as setting the angle yourself. But the fact is that you set the angle of rotation in degrees, with a resolution of 1 degree. And poi is in meters, this is a finer setting, from the point of view of the program.

But poi is very convenient when you need to set the exact object for shooting on the map. If you set angles, you can make a mistake by 1-2 degree and spoil the video

What you are trying to do is not directly supported by Litchi. You have several choices:

  1. Rethink your mission. 360 degree yaws are generally not appealing. To make them look cinematic, the rotation speed must be very slow. However, you will probably loose your viewer’s interest before completing a slow 360 degree rotation.
  2. Find another drone app that does directly support this type of action. Dronelink?
  3. Use Litchi but understand that creating this type of mission is not straight-forward. I can see that already you are being lead down a rabbit hole.

If you want to pursue this with Litchi, I would look at setting the “Rotations Direction” to “Manual”. This can only be done in the app, not in Mission Hub. Then, create two waypoints where you want to do a 360, Place them at different heights. Set the heading at one to be something like 0 degrees. Set the next one at 359 degrees. Set the “Rotation” in the waypoint dialog to “Clockwise”. Then do some testing. I have not done this myself but those are the steps I would try first.

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yes Dronelink does this

But you can’t set the gimbal angle there, as in litchi. You don’t always need a video where the drone looks straight ahead.

By the way, what kind of drone? You may not be able to support different speeds at waypoints.