Mission Hub does not fit in size

Dear developers,

tried mission hub on my laptop and discovered a little issue:

When you click on a waypoint, the window with the waypoint parameters does not fit in the vertical window of the browser (here it is firefox-esr in linux). To get the full parameter window, I have to disable the browser’s menu with pressing F11-key.

The resolution of my laptop is 1440x900, so it is not very big, but should fit either.

However, if you can get this window not smaller, maybe you can add a scrollbar at the side.

Second, a question: I did not find an option, how to create a circle at one waypoint and using the waypoint as POI. Where did I miss it, if any?

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards


I had the same issue and I’ve got a bigger screen. Change the zoom level (either via browser menu or use ctrl + / -). I found the 90% makes it fit for me.

Having said that, I agree with your suggested changes 100%.

Don’t know about your 2nd item.

You can create, save & load Orbits, but only in the App.

We recommend resolution of 1600x1200 minimum with any UI scaling OFF