Mini SE aircraft activation

When trying to take off with one button on the Litchi app, I get a warning saved to activate aircraft vehicle. Does this mean that I’m possibly don’t have the latest firmware for the craft?

You need to activate the drone in DJI fly. before its first flight

You will also only be allowed five flights, before the SE wont take off, and you need DJI fly again to active the drone.

Oh? Why is that? 5 flights and then… Wait, are you referencing the 5 free flights offered by Litchi? Without their app?

No. You just need to activate your drone in dji fly

Once it’s activated in Fly I’ll have more than 5 flights with a Litchi subscriptions?
I’m having a time getting this SE activated because, none of my phones have the correct OS. I’m searching for a used cheap device that’s compatible with Fly.

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No, your drone will fly normally after activation

That’s the best idea in your situation as you’ll need DJI fly down the line to keep the drones firmware up to date

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