Mini 2 with Pixel 6 Pro (Android 12) Unusable

Hello. I tried Litchi on my Pixel 6 Pro running the January '22 build of Android 12. DJI Fly was not running but was updated to the latest version prior to installing Litchi. I’m able to take off but there are a number of problems. First, the drone does not hover in a stable manner and drifts. This is not a big deal. More seriously the lag on the camera live feed is something like 30 seconds. This is true for all attitude adjustments. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix?

Same problem here. DJI Fly is already working on Pixel 6 Pro but Litchi has huge camera lag.

This is a known issue, please check Known Issues with current release - #3

Thanks. I had to uninstall and get a refund. Is there a mechanism where I can be emailed when the issue is resolved?

Please check at What's new - Litchi periodically
We will update this page when we release an update with the fix
We hope DJI will release a fix for it soon hopefully this month…

Also waiting for the Pixel 6 fix, the DJI fly app had the same issue last year but that was fixed just after I got my pixel 6. Pixel 4 worked fine. I need the waypoints features of litchi urgently.

i’ve just downloaded it for my Pixel 6 too. initially it wasn’t’ locking position and was drifting but that fixed itself after a few mins of flying, more importantly i get no video feed at all. I’m assuming this is the same problem you describe here. guess i will have to wait for a fix, really want this app to work, so many cool features.

DJI told us to expect an SDK update next thursday with the pixel 6 video bug fix.

Awesome that’s great news. Thanks for the update.

just for anyone following this, looks like this bug is now fixed, camera seems to work now on my pixel6, just about to go take it for a test fly :slight_smile: first time able to use Litchi :slight_smile: