Mini 2 shooting off to opposite side in followme mode

Looking to see if anyone else have been expiencing what has happened to me with my Mini 2 and Samsung S20 Ultra…android 13.
Example: I set Litchi on follow me. I have it 60ft ahead of me and to the left slightly, and 60ft up. I have the remote facing forward on my mountain bike, drone is in the air where I set it to,then I start moving and the drone shoots off to the far right and will evenually return to the air space I have made in Litchi.

Follow Mode has 2 main Heading Modes:

  1. Course
  2. North
    The drone behaves very different between these 2 modes.

Read the online User guide very carefully:

and read this thread:

Thank you I will look into suggestions

I tried follow mode for the first time in ages earlier, and I must admit it scared me, as the drone wasn’t doing what I expected, admittedly when I normally do a follow mode session I’m using an app other than litchi

i am getting similar problem, that when applying Follow me mode, the drone Mini 2 is not pointing towards the controller. Rather is pointing off by some degrees. What could be the likely reason?

Please read my first reply (post #2)

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