Mini 2 losing signal in waypoints mission - why can't it continue?

I run lots of waypoint missions in litchi with a mini 2. The problem I have is that it often just stops with a message that it has lost the signal. Today it lost the signal when I moved the controller antenna downwards for a couple of seconds. The signal must have come back again very quickly, but the drone just stopped and hovered. It was about 100m away in direct sight.

My question is why can’t the drone continue it’s mission when the signal comes back?

You can manually restart the mission at any choosen waypoint as the starting waypoint.

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Thanks for the reply, but it’s not ideal - when you are doing a mission with a hundred waypoints and it stops somewhere in amongst them, it’s not easy to see with your phone what waypoint you’ve stopped at and then to choose the right one to start from again. Why doesn’t it just know what waypoint the signal loss occurred and offer to resume it when the signal comes back? In my case today it was literally a 2 second signal loss.

It is because new drones don’t have the chip that loads the waypoints in them.
The way that waypoints work from the technical point of view is that Litchi simulates the stick movements of the drone, and sends them to the drone in real time, comparing to the actual telemetry received from the drone, without this link, there is no possibility of Waypoint function.

In older drones like the Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and older, basically the ones that use DJI Go as their native app, have the chip inside them to load the waypoints and execute even during loss of signal.

One thing I noticed straight away is that when I’m executing Waypoint missions on a VSC (Virtual Stick Command) drone like the Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2, the signal becomes weaker compared if I fly there manually, I think this is because Litchi needs to manage the info received from the drone, and also send more frequently, that kind of “jams” the signal with commands and the link becomes weaker, this isn’t confirmed by the devs, this is just my speculation.

Very annoying in reality. And I actually requested DJI to use the internal storage of the drones that have it (like Air 2, Air 2S, Mavic 3) to use that as the storage for the waypoints, for now I got no response, and I don’t think I will get any response from them, to be honest.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I understand that the mini 2 doesn’t store waypoint missions, but doesn’t the app itself on your phone know where you are in a mission and shouldn’t it be able to resume where it left off when the signal comes back again? Maybe I still don’t quite understand how it works?

Perhaps this ‘Resume a Mission’ is something to post in the “Ideas & Suggestion” section.

Thanks for the idea, I’ve posted it into Ideas and Suggestions.