Mini 1 max altitude restriction

Does the Litchi app allow me to remove the altitude restrictions for the Mini 1?? I live in the Mountains and would like to be able to fly to the tops of them :mountain_snow: :grin:

No 3rd-party app can override safety features/restrictions implemented by DJI.

Bummer :pensive: Thanks for the info TriBar.

Yea sadly it can’t, but check out Drone-Hacks, the best way to hack your DJI Drone - Birdmap

Thanks Yaroslav. I have checked out Drone hack but currently the latest DJI firmware update for the mini that was released in November 2021 has locked out the certificates that allow to bypass the altitude restriction. :unamused: I will continue to check Drone hacks site and hopefully they get it figured out :crossed_fingers::grin:

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