Mavic Air1 APAS and waypoint mission issues

I’ve been experiencing an issue with the Mavic Air1 when APAS is selected in the Litchi app and I go to execute a waypoint missions.

When I select start for the waypoint mission, the Mavic Air1 will takeoff to about 2.5m height and then just sit there.The Litchi app will just continuously display initializing… I’ve only had one occurrence when the Mavic Air1 initialized a waypoint mission with APAS selected. It sat, hovering, until the battery had 35% capacity left and then all of the sudden did some erratic side to side movement and then a very quick rearward movement, before executing the waypoint mission.

With just Collision Avoidance selected, the Mavic Air1 will complete the initialization of the waypoint missions and complete the waypoint missions without any issues.

Is there any possible conflict between having Collision Avoidance and APAS selected in Litchi with the Mavic Air1?

My eBay Mavic Air 1 still hasn’t arrived since it is heading over by sea, but with Mavic Pro1 and Mavic Pro Platinum I always make sure and turn off all collision avoidance and landing sensors because if I don’t the drones randomly stop and hover while flying Litchi missions, often doing so dozens of times before I am able to regain control by going into sport mode.

Generally speaking, it is preferable to de-select all collision avoidance features as they do tend to conflict with some unknown aspect of Litchi’s waypoint mode.

I’m not sure what the issue was with the previous location. but after moving my takeoff location to a different spot in the yard, I’ve managed to have no further problems, with collision avoidance and APAS selected. I’ve run 3 waypoint missions. So far, so good.

I’ll keep that in mind if I do experience any issue.