Mavic 2 can't pitch up to 30° automatically

When planing a mission for my Mavic 2, I set the interpolate pitch angle to 30° but it won’t tilt up at all (I enabled the option in the App!). I have to manually adjust the angle, else it doesn’t work. Also when using the panorama tool from “Litchi Mission Utilities” the camera will tilt up to 10° max. even though I set it to 30°. It works fine with other drones, but specifically with the Mavic 2 it doesn’t. The developer of the tool mentioned that it could be due to a idiosyncrasy of the Mavic 2.

Maybe if someone could try it with their drone and share their experience, that would be great.

Thanks a lot!

I have done numerous tests trying to figure this out. I have several drones. What you describe only happens with my Mavic 2 Zoom. On this drone, when the gimbal pitch angle is set to a value greater than 10 degrees, the gimbal momentarily approaches that pitch angle but then drops to around 10 degrees.

The only way the gimbal pitch angle behaves properly with this drone is in the simplest of missions. Once waypoint actions are added, the above behavior persists.

The “tiltCamera” action does not accept positive values so, unfortunately, I cannot use that function.