Manually advance to next waypoint

Is it possible to build a mission that allows me to manually move from one waypoint to the next rather than moving automatically? I’d like to manually focus and shoot photos from the same positions each day, but lighting changes (clouds) and equipment movements on the job site make it desirable to have a bit more control than just letting things happen. Being able to hit the exact mark and longer for a bit to get the composition right would be handy. I realize I could hit pause, but wondered if there was another way to do it.

The only other way that I can think of would be to create a mission for each Waypoint with the Finish Action set to ‘None’.
It would stay at that point until you loaded the next mission (for your next point) and started it.
Hitting Pause then Resume seems like the least amount of work, to be honest.

Yes it is, but ONLY with drones that use the DJI GO(4) app, NOT with drones that use the DJI Fly app:

In Mission settings set:
-Cruising speed to 0 (zero)
-Heading mode to Manual (UC)
-Path mode to Straight lines
-Default gimbal pitch mode to Disabled

Make sure Gimbal pitch at each waypoint is set to Disabled.
Speed at each waypoint is set to Cruising.

After starting the mission you have full manual control of gimbal pitch and the drone’s speed and heading, you can even fly backwards.

Actions at waypoint will be executed automatically. Only use the action ‘Stay for x seconds’ to make sure you are at the desired position, then let go of the right stick (forward/backward), aim the camera, set desired camera settings and take a photo manually.

Then advance to the next waypoint.

The minimum number of waypoints for a mission is 2.

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