Litchi with DJI Mini 3 support

Now that DJI has released the SDK for the Mini 3 I would like to know the expected release of Litchi with Mini 3 support. Also, will there be iOS & Android support in the Litchi product?

Thank you, Joe

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Welcome @SJoeGarrett ,
LOTS of discussion on here about that very issue.
Use this search link to find some previous discussions.

Discussions? Yes, but I don’t see expected release date answered by Litchi support.


Most recent discussion was 27 days ago.

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Yes, I just found out that Drone-link have a Beta out right now - I really would like to use the Litchi application for my Mini 3 PRO but I have no idea when the Beta will be available? Litchi staff, in order for me to plan ahead, I’m wondering if you could please share when you anticipate the BETA release for us?

@SJoeGarrett This post is from yesterday and the most recent post from this thread was 2 hours ago. It is from the Mini 3 Support thread close to yours on the Forum page.

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When I do a search for Mini 3 the earliest date I see is 27d ago.

Either way I still don’t see a response from Litchi giving any kind of a date.

Thanks for all of your help.


As @Sam_G 7 @Steve_Amerson allready statet, there’s absolute no reason to have yet another thread on the support of the Mavic 3 & Mini 3 series.