Litchi Waypoint Missions. How many miles have your drones flown cumulatively?

Bearing in mind that Litchi only records total miles flown within signal range of the controller, the most accurate way of arriving at the cumulative miles flown by anyone like me that only ever launches fully autonomous Litchi waypoint missions, is to multiply the total hours flown, by the nominal cruise speed of 17.9 mph that Litchi assigned by default for all waypoint missions.

As of May 11th, 2022. my humble squadron of older DJI drones has flown waypoint missions for a nominal 133 hours at the cruise speed of 17.9 mph. By multiplying these two figures together, my total milage flown under autonomous Litchi control, mostly well beyond the RC controller’s signal range, works out to 133 hours X 17.9 mph = 2,381 miles.

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