Litchi on last update Samsung Android 13

litchi no longer opens after updating to android 13. Samsung Galaxy s20fe and Galaxy tab A8. does anyone have the same problem?

opens fine here on galaxy fold Z2 on android 13

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@Ariel I don’t know how common this crash is, but you are not alone.

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Exactly. It’s the same problem I’m having. In fact it’s not only Litchi that’s affected, some other apps won’t open.

Check out the link in my prior comment to see if you want to roll back to android 12.

Thanks friend, but it’s a lot of work. I don’t think it’s fair. I will wait for the developer to speak up since there are others with the same problem

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Has there been any updates on this? Is Litchi still a no-go option when running Android 13?

I have tried 4.25.0 on my Samsung Note 20, Android 13 - This App version is also crashing on startup.

4 26 its ok. Try It.l on :wink: