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So I was promoted when logging in to subscribe to the newsletter only to be reminded that I already subscribe - but I have never in 3/4 years of using Litchi received a newsletter of any kind.

Do they exist and if so why don’t I get one and if they don’t - why not?


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The newsletter does exist but we have not sent any emails for a long time. We generally post news on our Facebook page: Litchi


Thanks for the feedback.

I am not a Facebook user and I would guess that the majority of Litchi users are non Facebook users too, whereas 100% will receive emails, could you please consider email updates - it’s quick easy and costless ?


Emails are actually very costly to send with our current provider which is the main reason we have not sent any for a while. We are planning to change to a new provider in the near future so we can send emails again.

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Hi vico, thanks and appreciated.
I thought to do a quick poll on mavicpilots forum and attach a pic of results, so 50/50 on FB but 100% on email so if this helps in getting Litchi out there by using email (cost appreciated) then all the better.

PS looking forward to when your IOS update for MM2 comes out

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Good to know, as a New User. I’ll add it into my morning routine. :100::+1:t2:

And where did you poll to see whose on the mavic pilot forum…:wink::joy: