Litchi Lost Control, had to go to DJI Fly

Mini SE, iPhone 11, Litchi in Waypoint mode. Repeatedly, the drone will slow to a halt then message “drone is out of control” appears. Drone remains in hover, does not RTH. Able to recover drone by using controller RTH button and running DJI Fly app, which is able to initialize and take control mid flight. AirData flight logs show green signal strength to point of control loss, then red. Gimbal is set to -90 interpolated for all points but I will regularly see the gimbal angle reduced during these flights, could be link related. Any ideas? Thanks

Litchi crash my Mavic 2 Pro on waypoint use.
With my new Mavic 2 pro, again waypoint it made the drone gors up to 500 m and then finished the mission and RTH
I also saw a tuto on youtube where a pro drone pilot crashed his M2Pro with Litchi waypoint mode !