Litchi license intalled

Can I install my litchi license I bought on different hardware?
Or do I need to buy another license?
It is not working correctly on my One+3 phone

I get the message as my phone does not have enough GPS satelite signals

I believe you can BUT only if it is the same OS, either Android or iOS. So if One+3 phone is Android and the phone you want to use is also Android you should be able to. I would imagine people upgrade their phones all the time and should not have to purchase a new license everytime.

Not enough satellites, not indoors are you?

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You have to be more specific.

The connected smart device ONLY needs GPS in Follow Mode and/or Dynamic Homepoint.
ALL other modes work without.

No in the open air, see 10+ sats on Litchi

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you try DJI Fly? Same? More satellites?