Litchi crashing (not starting) on the RC Pro

  1. RC-PRO: Stoping DJI Fly
  2. Starting Litchi: nothing happens
  3. Starting Litchi again: nothing happens
  4. I have to start Litchi 4 or 5 times: then it’s working

Read point #6

I know point 6, but it does not help.

Is it possible to send to you a small mp4 file, where you can see, what I am doing and what happens with Litchi?


What version of Litchi is installled on your RC-Pro, and please include the letter at the end.

Werde Ihnen die Daten im Laufe des Tages durchgeben.


Version is: v4.26-2-a


Maybe you can try to go to location services to disable for dji app.
I find that though we disable the dji app from starting when we power up the rc pro, somehow the dji app location services will still run in background.
I need to manually disable it and then the litchi app will run properly.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for the input. Will try this out today.
Whereby this can not be the solution, more a workaround.

Greetings Thomy

This is the video you posted.

In “Apps & Benachrichtungen” first tap on “ALLE 15 APPS ANZEIGEN”, then Force Close (BEËNDEN ERZWINGEN) these 3 apps:
-DJI Fly
-Dronelink DJI

At 0:49 you can read the following:

Sicherstellen, dass keine Apps im Hintergrund laufen, die sich auf DJI-Produkte beziehen (inklusive DJI Fly, DJI Go und andere Apps von Fremdherstellern). Solte dies doch der Fall sein, müssen diese Apps beëndet werden.
The 2 Dronelink Apps are related to DJI-products.
Although you did not run either of them (Kürzlich geöffnete Apps), they still can be active in the background.

Info from yesterday: Firmware (Air2S) and RC-PRO each latest firmware installed. Sorry that I have to write all this. I would rather the app would work:

RC-PRO started, the two DJI apps deactivated. Had to select Litchi 4x before it started.

Then loaded route. Litchi reports “low battery” even though 4 battery LEDs show battery is good. Battery changed. Then tried to fly to the starting point of the route. No reaction from Litchi. Restarted RC-PRO and deleted DJI Apps again. Now Litchi starts at the first point of the route but disconnects all the time (See insert).
Question: Where is the problem: RC-PRO or AIr2S or Litchi. In any case, flying with Litchi is really no fun. I would be happy to receive suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Best thanks and greetings