Litchi App update procedures

I am new to Litchi, but having flown a DJI phantom 3 Advance for the past 8 years, I finally upgraded my drone to the Mavic Air 2S. What I am wondering is, when there is a litchi App update, do you have to buy it all over again, or not? Thought it was supposed to be a one lifetime pay for it… I could be wrong about that also. I do like the Litchi App in contrast to DJIs App. Thanks for any advice;)

Litchi updates for the operating system for which it was purchased are free.
As long as you continue to use Litchi on the same operating system (iOS or Android) you can update it and use it on multiple flying devices.
If you move to a device that is a different operating system, it will require a separate purchase. But, updates are still free.

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