Litchi App sound in Smart RC!

Folks, i need some help, the voice of the Litchi app in Smart Controller is terrible and not understandable, chopped robot somehow ! any Idea why ?
thanks y’all.

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Many thanks, you saved my day, you are the best dude , cheers :blush:

I know that this post in over a year old but I have found that Google android text to speech referenced here is no longer available. It has been replaced by Google Speech Recognition and Synthesis which when one attempts to download it from the Google Play store an error is displayed that it is not compatible with the device (Smart controller)

Is there a work-a-round?

Yes it is available.
You have to click on the word “here” to download the APK.

Part of your message is cutoff

Now it’s not anymore

Thanks for the info.

Due to the crummy web browser that was the default on my smart controller I was using my PC to access the litchi site and I had not figured out how to transfer files to the smart controller.

Since I posted I have installed Google Pay Store and their browser. I also worked thru the process of transferring files from my Mac Air to install app file.

I have found that all things DJI is like navigating a house of mirrors. The combination of what works with what is very difficult for a newbie.

Link for Dji smart controller please. Thank you

Here you go,
You’re welcome.