Litchi Android App and Mini 3 Pro with normal remote control

Does the Litchi App work with an Android phone and the normal remote control with the Mini 3 Pro?

Hi, You can find out in the drone compatibility list here:

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I looked at it, but because the Mini 3pro is brand new and hadn’t been added yet. But understand from this that it doesn’t work with Litchi yet

I doubt that it will for about a year, that’s generally the time after a launch that they release the sdk

The mini Pro 3 can be flown with the Mini 2 RC controller… wouldn’t it make sense that Litchi should work with it as well?

Litchi controls a drone, not a controller. The controller is just a conduit for the VSC (in this case). As long as DJI does not provide an SDK for the Mini 3 Pro, third parties cannot control this drone.