Litchi altitude relative to ground waypoints

Dear Litchi community,

I’m quite new to the litchi so sorry if I’m asking two stupid questions:

I’m flying with DJI Mini 2 and when I have two waypoints charted with lets say altitude relative to ground set to 40 meters for both waypoints and in between the two waypoints there is a big steep hill (volcano), will it keep the 40 meters clearance from the ground in the entire path of those waypoints ? Or It will hit the walls of the volcano ? Because when I exported the fly path to google earth and looked at the elevation profile it didn’t seem to take into consideration the peak of the hill (volcano). So just want to confirm if I have to create more waypoints mapping the altitude of the volcano.

What happens when the drone is executing the waypoints and during the execution there is loss of signal to RC ? Will it continue with the execution or will it stop and RH ?

Thanks !

Hi David,

There is no such thing as a stupid question. These questions are very good.

In your example, it will hit the volcano. As you have noticed, you would have to add more waypoints. The “above-ground” option only ensures the specified elevation at the specified waypoint. When you have many hills and valleys, you must locate enough waypoint to match the ground profile.

This depends on what drone you are flying. The older “DJI Go4” drones will continue the mission (because the waypoints are loaded into the drone at the start of the mission). The newer “DJI Fly” drones will stop executing the mission and obey the RTH function you have specified (because these drones use “virtual sticks” to fly the mission).

Also, regarding your first question: It is important that your first waypoint is near (in elevation) to your take-off location.


@wesbarris thanks a lot for your quick response. I think it’s all clear now. To your question, which drone it is, it’s the DJI Mini 2. I guess this would fall to the newer drones.

@wesbarris btw, do you have an idea how to make a straight line while adding in between multiple points in path tool of Google Eearth ?

I do not know of an “automatic” way to do it.

You could draw one long line. Then, from the endpoint, left-click back across the line as many times as you wish to have segments. Finish by selecting the very first point and delete the original line.

In Litchi, this would be easier because you could draw one line (two waypoints), then use the “Insert” function to add interior waypoints which are automatically placed on the line.

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You should manually fly to the top of the volcano and record the waypoint from the best spot. Then return to the starting point and record the bottom point. You can then save the mission and add any other details you need.