List of what Litchi can do with DJI products for all

I cannot figure out what Litchi can do with a MM1, all I can find is now supports Way-points.
Like a grid or something, Just want the facts :ok_hand:
I have been using Litchi for many flights on P3’s in the past.
Basically a list that all members can find when they want information.

Point it to me if I’m stupid, I will not touch Facebook.
Thanks for anybody that read this.


You have arrived at the right place to request a comprehensive listing of Litchi compatibility because mere days ago, Wes Barris published precisely that type of list right here. I will now stand aside for the Sensei to link you with that highly detailed list.


You kind of lost me on your reply. I not used to this forum layout. I guess Sensei will send the link, I have a feeling this list is not Litchi’s and somebody has took the effort them selves.

Thanks Rod

It is unclear what you are asking for. Most people use Litchi for its waypoint capabilities. In case, that is what you are looking for, a list showing how all DJI drones are supported with waypoints can be seen here:


Yes!, that’s a start for me, always been confused with Litchi’s Website. I have at least 100 missions on the hub, ran 50% on a P3A. I could never figure out how to get info without using Social media.


Now I have the info I needed!

On the list of Way-points it says the Mini is VSC:

On the Mission Hub, on my computer and my iPad at the end it will land. I know I have ran a couple of missions and my controller shut down, Etc. I could see the P3A and it did finish the mission landed like that it was set to do.

If I do a waypoint mission on a Mini and something happens at the controller, phone, tablet basically some factor were the signal is lost. Is it automatically go in to RTH and hit trees etc.
Or will it do a RTC (Return to China)?

Sorry, I have been out of this stuff for a while. :ok_hand:

Thanks Rod

If you are executing a mission with a VSC drone (the Mini) and you lose the connection between the drone and the controller, the drone will follow the normal return-to-home (RTH) procedure. No, it should not hit trees if you have your RTH height set appropriately.

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Thanks, I got it now! I set my RTH at 250’ I have Pine trees at 240’, and have had missions run at 250’ and 6’ to go under oaks. Anyways, I’m done bugging for a while. :ok_hand: