Landing autonomously after a waypoint mission

I set up a mission with 7 Waypoints. Under “Mission Settings”, “Finish Action”, I chose RTH. It came back to its starting point, but never landed. Do I have to choose “Land” instead of RTH in the Mission Settings in order to get it to come down and land? I am confused because the DJI RTH function typically sends it back home, AND lands it autonomously. Other than that, my maiden Mission worked flawlessly. (Litchi App with DJI Air 2S, iOS on iPad Mini)

I also have the Air2s. Setting to RTH should work fine. It does for me.

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Read page 15 (Landing Protection) of your drone’s user manual.

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If you still have an issue, share your mission.
The only way I know how is use a computer. In the mission hub, make sure that private is un-checked. Copy Paste the URL to this thread.

Let us know what was wrong, etc.
We all always gain knowledge!


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