Keep the subject centered during a turn in GPS tracking mode

The GPS Follow mode could be made better. Earlier today, I was testing it (in course mode), and when I turned, as it turned, the drone wouldn’t turn fast enough to keep me centered (it managed to keep me in frame, but just barely). This needs to be improved, so when you turn, the drone, as it goes around you to stay to your, let’s say, left, it will keep you centered. (I am using a Mini 2 btw)

You want to say you need to predict how fast you will turn?

For smoother users, this will be a disaster, the drone will fly very fast with the slightest movement.

I am talking about the GPS Follow feature. I noticed that when the drone is in course mode, and when I make turn (say I am in a vehicle, and I have to turn), the drone won’t yaw fast enough to keep the subject centered. Sorry for the confusion!

And until this gets fixed, forget turns more than about 90-100°, since the drone will come around to stay on your side (or whatever you set it to), but the subject won’t be in frame (I fly about 40-50m high and about 30-50m away).

And I’m telling you about the same mode. It is enough to take one step back, and the drone should change its direction by 360 degrees.

@paxxa, my problem is that the subject is not centered while the drone yaws, and if it has to come all the way around to the other side, then during that transition, the subject is often not in the frame. I hope you understand.