Issues downloading pano images from RTK using SDK controller

Equipment I am using
DJI Phantom RTK
SDK controller
Various IOS devices - mini 6 mainly.

I use this equipment and Litchi to collect panorama’s
I have recently hit two issues the first I think I have found a fix for.

  • first issue has been that sometimes the results are almost as though the drone didn’t focus for each image even though I know it was set to auto focus.
    As a fix for this which has worked so far I do a camera reset before starting a panorama image collection.

  • second issue is that the download of images speed varies, when the equipment is working well the low resolution images can be downloaded in around 15 seconds but other times it can take up to 8+ minutes. I do the download to check the image quality and to verify the first issue is not happening.
    I have tried completely resetting all the equipment, aircraft, controller, tablet but no change. I know there is little to no interference in the area as i am normally out in the middle of a field. The only thing that has seemed to make a difference is to reset the link between the controller and aircraft.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing these issues and how to get around/fix them?


Issue #1:
Most likely you have AFC Enabled. Disable it in the DJI GO 4 App.

Issue #2:
Are you sure you selected Low Quality and not Medium- or High Quality?
Transfer time also depends on the amount of pictures taken by the Panorama shooting.

For lightbridge based drones, we actually have special case where we manually set the channel selection mode to Manual and then set the data rate to 10Mbps before downloading the photos otherwise it takes way too long to download.
I am not sure how the p4 rtk functions as we do not have one, but I suspect it is similar to other phantom 4s.

Hi TriBar,

Thanks for your response.

I have tried it with AFC on and off along with changing the delay before and after each photo. Hasn’t seemed to make a difference. With most recently doing a camera reset every time before starting the pano capture it defaults to AFC on so i have left it as that and so far haven’t had a failure.
(This setting is done in Litchi as the RTK uses DJI GS rather than Go 4 and only has manual or auto focus options)

When i first download i am selecting low quality and there are 27 images to each pano.

Hi Vico,

Thanks for your response.

I have tried the channel to 10Mhz and 20Mhz, didn’t make any difference to the download rate when it was having issues. The default is auto in the DJI GS software.