Is there a log of popup warnings?

My drone controller has been disconnecting from my phone(s) with fresh cables, both ports, and all updated firmware/software. Pulling and replugging the USB cable brings it back, but sometimes with a generic warning. The last time it happened, I got a more specific warning, but it went away before I could read it. I think it said something about a “board failure”? Pulling the log from Litchi and AirData UAV only shows the message “Downlink data connection lost for 31.46 seconds.” but not the message I got on screen. Is there another way to view this?


Litchi does not log as much information as DJI Go or Fly. I don’t know if an error like that is logged in Litchi. Is this the error?



That’s exactly it! What causes it?

This began randomly appearing when flying my Mavic 2 Zoom. It would appear momentarily and then disappear after a few seconds. I managed to take a screenshot once. I read that someone solved it by refreshing the firmware using DJI Assistant 2. I did that and it hasn’t appeared since.

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I did that yesterday with the controller. As well as rebinding it to the drone. The problem came back later that day… Did you refresh the drone or the RC?

I refreshed the firmware in the drone.

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