Is my Phantom 3 SE on Android compatible

I have just purchased a license for Litchi and installed it on my Samsung S9.

I own a Phantom 3 SE but reading through forums and discussion I cannot find if I can use Litchi with P3SE. Some say I can, some say I can’t. Reading through “Software Manual for the Litchi Fight control software rev 14 February 2020”, the P3SE is mentioned.

Can someone please tell me if my P3SE on Android is compatible with the current version of Litchi.



Phantom 3 SE is not officially supported. We have not tested it so we can not confirm if it works or not. DJI added it very late in the android SDK. It most likely won’t work at all with Litchi on iOS but again we did not test it so can not confirm.

Full official compatibility list is in the only official guide at Help - Litchi

My p3se works with Litchi but only when using a mini Ipad IOS. I’ve tried multiple android devices and it is not compatible with any of them. Not sure why but that’s what I’ve found. The Ipad mini however seems to work great with waypoint missions and FPV flying. No issues.