Instalar Litchi em outros Ipad


Como faço para realizar a instalação em outros equipamento, não estou conseguindo, tenho dois ipad, que não uso a mesma conta por motivos de backup, mas gostaria de instalar o Litchi nos mesmo, alguém tem um tutorial?



How do I install it on other equipment, I can’t do it, I have two iPads, which I don’t use the same account for backup reasons, but I would like to install Litchi on them, does anyone have a tutorial?

You can install the Litchi app on multiple IOS devices by going to the App Store and downloading and installing on the second device. However, if you are logged into iCloud using a different AppleID on that second device, Litchi will will charge you to install the second copy.

To get around this, you can temporarily log out of iCloud on the second IOS device and log into it using the same account used to purchase the Litchi app on your first device. After it is installed, you may log out of iCloud again and log back in using your preferred AppleID on that second device. Keep in mind that you will not be able to apply Litchi updates unless you are logged in using the original AppleID.


Acredito que vou conseguir resolver.