In the gallery problem

First of all I would like to apologize for my English :slight_smile:

I have such a problem with the Litchi app well I can’t turn on the gallery with photos or videos I took while using the app.

Drone: DJI Mini 2
Phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Such a message appears

So… The message explains it all.

Hi Vazio,

The error is stating that the media gallery is not yet available for the Mini 2 due to a bug in the SDK.

The message explains why you cannot see the gallery. Is there something about that message that is not clear?

So am I to understand that with some Litchi update the problem will be solved ?

The problem is due to a bug in the DJI SDK. So, it will first require a DJI update.

How do I do this update?

It’s DJI who need to update the sdk

Aktualizace proběhla na verzi 1.6.9. ale zatím galerie stále nefunguje

“The update took place to version 1.6.9. but so far the gallery is still not working”

You confuse the DJI Fly (v1.6.9) app with the DJI SDK (Software Development Kit), those are 2 totally different pieces of software.

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Díky za vysvětlení :slightly_smiling_face:
Poznám jako uživatel, že SDK bylo aktualizováno? Myslel jsem, že SDK je součástí DJI Fly.

Stále žádná nová zpráva? SDK stále chybné?

No. In general you wouldn’t know that the SDK has been updated as this is something that users, such as ourselves, do not use directly. Instead, the people at Litchi would know when it is updated as they use it as an interface between their software and the drone.

No, the SDK is not part of DJI Fly.