Images not uploaded to AirData

I am using with Mavic 2 zoom. Mission data is uploaded to AirData but not the images even though the setting is set to 10. Any ideas of how to fix? Images are uploaded with the DJI GO4 APP.

Only photo- and video preview screenshots taken by Litchi are synced to Airdata.

Since Android has no option to cache photos or videos (IOS only according to manual), I take it then uploading previews is yet another feature not available on Android?

On the contrary.

‘Sync Photo/Video Previews’ is Android only.
These previews are taken by Litchi automatically during flight.

Screenrecording/caching video (within the litchi app) is an iOS only feature.
Also iOS does not cache photos, only video.

If you upload your flightlogs to airdata directly from your flying device, those previews should upload as well.

If you first copy/move your flightlogs to another device (computer) and upload from there, those previews will not be uploaded.

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