I have authorization to fly from DJI in a location outside the CASA no-fly area... can I fly a Litchi mission?

The location is 5.45 kms from an uncontrolled airport i.e. with no tower control. The area I wish to fly has no restrictions from CASA Australia, apart from 400ft height etc. but the DJI fly zones prevent me taking off due to an extension of the TAKEOFF and APPROACH corridors. If I gain approval from DJI to take off… can I fly a Litchi Mission? Has anyone tried this?

Yes, you would be able to fly your Litchi mission. However, the drone must first be unlocked using the DJI Fly app. Once unlocked, stop DJI Fly and start Litchi and fly your mission.

Thankyou wesbarris for your advice… sorry i did not get back to you sooner… cheers