I can't access my waypoint missions on the mission hub

This morning I sat down to review a few of my mission on the Litchi Mission Hub. I can login, and I can navigate down to missions. When I select “open” it shows a list of my missions, but it won’t let me open any missions. I’m on the global map, and when I select any of my missions, nothing opens.

I have checked my missions on my Litch App, and I can open them on the app. So this issue seems to be specific to the Mission Hub. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Litchi’s waypoint mission listing does go AWOL and simply vanishes now and then. I freaked out when my dozens of painstakingly created waypoint missions seemed to have been erased, but then a couple of days later they reappeared just as mysteriously. This has taken place twice over the years I have used Litchi, so it is not a common occurrence.

Turns out this is an infrequent anomaly with Litchi that resolves itself in a day or two. Simply shut the app when those evil spirits manifest, and tune in another day, at which point normalcy should have been restored to the known universe whereby your list of waypoint missions will again materialize and become accessible.

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Just copy them to your flash drive and don’t worry about it

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Thanks for the insight. I’ve been using Litchi for years and this is the first time I’ve ever had the Mission Hub hang on me. As you noted, it all went AWOL. Fortunately I do make backups of all my missions (a lot of clients for sure). The app was fine, it was just the mission hub.

I came back to Litchi later in the day yesterday. Still had the issue. But I left mission hub up for a while and it eventually displayed the mission I wanted to view. So odd!

Thanks again for your response!

Oh yes, I keep an offline copy of my missions as well. The mission hub hanging like it did was concerning. All is back to normal now. Thanks for your reply.