How to install paid for software on new tablet

i have not been able to figure out how to download and install on Samsung A8, I have paid the fee and installed on my other Samsung A7 that was stolen.

Please advise

From the Litchi FAQ page:

10. I purchased the app on one device, can I install it on other devices?

You can install the app on as many devices as you want as long as they use the same platform and the same “main” account (Google, Apple or Amazon) that was used for the original purchase. If you wish to use Litchi on two or more platforms you will need to purchase it on each one.

As long as you login using the same Google ID and password, you shouldnt have a problem.

Yup thanks very much used a different google ID thank you :slight_smile:

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But still can’t get it to install, gives me a message. “Litchi for DJI Drones wil be installed on your device soon” ???

Than nothing happens :frowning:

Okay I hate Android and google having to login with an account, than google wants to update your new system with things you have installed on other android devices (F’ing hate that intrusion).

Have to login in with the account you purchased with as Sam_G pointed out. Thanks for helping Sam.