Help me out of this nightmare


Yes I am painfully aware of this. I wish that there was another option or that DJI had more concern for their customers and allowed for the custmer better access to the capabities rather than locking out those capabilities. What is next? DJI decides that the customer has to pay a fee to continue to use the drone that the customer thought they own but in reality it was only rented.

I share John’s frustration with this software. (Mavic 2 Pro/Smart Controller). When I start the app on the Smart Controller, it says to “Make sure the device running Litchi (which is the Smart Controller) and this device (which I assume is the Smart Controller) are both connected to the same WiFi network” The header on the white screen says Select a Litchi Vue Screen, but there is nothing to select. I like the idea of mission hub on PC, but if I can’t even get into the app on the controller, this all does me no good. Can someone assist?

You are running the Litchi Vue app… NOT the actual Litchi (flight controller) app.

Well that explains a lot. Poop!

My Smart Controller won’t download the Amazon Appstore. I’ve tried from Amazon and 3rd party sites.

Here is the correct link you have to use on your Smart Controller:

and/or visit this page:

Marvelous, THANK YOU!

I wanted to reply earlier but it has been a busy day.
I believe that my setup is the same (Mavic 2 Pro/Smart Controller) and as remember
I followed the the steps mentioned in the replies before this.
I obtained the Litchi app from the Amazon app store.
I did have a problem with the text to speech because I thought that getting it from google
would be best (wrong) you have to use the link from the Litchi instruction (google does not
make the older/working version available any longer)

I did find that the installed lighting browser was terrible so I added Chrome incase I needed a
browser that was better.

After all of the trials and wrong turns/rabbit holes I now have a setup that works for me.
I can plan the missions on any computer, tablet or phone that has a browser and as long as
I power up the smart controller when WiFi is available I have access to the Litchi planned

While I did keep the DJI Mini Pro 4 and it is a cute little drone but the system & software is very
restricting and lacking in many ways relative to the Litchi setup that I use with the Mavic 2 Pro.