Grid Acquisition Presets for Missions

I’ve absolutely loved being able to manually map missions using Litchi. It’s super awesome. I’ve actually been able to manually map missions for 2D and 3D mapping with a bit of work, but it takes a long time to map it out with the current layout.

If we were to be able to use the Draw feature on iOS/Android to draw a square, and have it automatically space out a grid based on parameters (spacing between passes, change orientation) that would be a huge upgrade.

In the same vain, you could provide circles to be drawn for orbits instead of manual waypoints. This could be used to plan a mission in the hub with a quick spherical orbit with a focus on a POI.


Does this notification mean this feature is being implemented…or has been implemented?? That would be outstanding!


(I didn’t capture the “hover” text; but it says “Vote was released”.)

Any info on this message?

I believe this suggestion was taken out of the ideas/suggestions subforum as it is the same as Grid Acquisition Presets for Missions