Force Stop DJI apps?

Do I Force Stop both DJI Fly and DJI Go 4, before using the Litchi app ?

What phone OS are you on, I normally just start litchi or whatever app I’m going to fly with, very rare that i use the DJI app other than upgrading firmware

I just close them, never force stop them, and it works fine.


Thanks for your reply.
How/where do you simply close an app rather than Force Stopping it ?

Thanks Martin
I have a DJI Smart Controller.
Presumably applying Litchi all the time you’ll have DJI Fly and DJI Go 4 turned off, right ?
Thanks again

I just click the “recent apps” button and remove all apps from there before opening Litchi.

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I’ve not got a default app set for when the USB connects(using standard controller with mini 2 and Galaxy tab 7fe), so when I fire up the controller I get asked which app I want to use