Follow mode settings for top-down view?

Hi all.

What settings would I need to get the drone to do a follow mode pointing straight down?

The only way to TRY to achieve this is to set the distance to the subject to zero (second setting).
When using ‘follow mode’ the camera will always try to keep the location of the smart device in the center of the frame.
However as soon as the drone is not exactly above the subject the camera will tilt up.
This will happen when the drone is trying to establish it’s position i.e. when the subject is accelerating or decelerating or changing direction.

Setting ‘heading mode’ to ‘north’ will give the best results.
Also the setting ‘maximum location accuracy’ will have a significant impact, a small number will have a better result providing the GPS accuracy of the smart device is high enough.


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Would it be better to use Track Mode then?