Flying waypoints: not good enough

Hi everyone, despite I have some time flying missions I don`t get very good results. For instance, I have draw a mission with 24 waypoint in a near perfect circle, 500m diameter every point was focusing at a POI in the center of the circle. Despite this, I didnt get a smooth movement of the drone, it seemed that when approached each waypoint it made a rather sharp correction noticeable in the footage, despite the curves draw in the mission were very smooth. I dont know if I am clear enough, but my question is if there is some parameter when creating the mission for correcting these issues. Thank you very m uch in advance

link to the mission Mission Hub - Litchi

@Fernando_A, If you are using the DJI Fly app then the problem is likely the VSC or Virtual Stick Commands that are used to control the drone. Check out this link to see other Forum articles that talk about the problem.
The current solution for this problem is to use an older drone (drones using the Go4 and Go apps like the Mavic2 Zoom/Pro) that store the mission in the drone rather than sending continuous commands to the drone.

Search results for 'virtual sticks' - Litchi Forum

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Getting smooth results when flying a newer “DJI Fly” drone can be challenging. I have three suggestions:

  1. Use one of the available tools to create a perfect spiral mission such as
  2. Remove the speed definitions from the waypoints and set your cruising speed to less than 10 mph.
  3. Fly the mission on a day without wind.
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This gives me another reason to avoid buying any DJI Fly drone in the future. My next drone purchase will be a Mavic Pro 2 so I can remain loyal to DJI Go4 which never suffers from any abrupt camera movements.


I am not using the DJI FLy app, I am using Litchi app…

Thanks, I didnt know about the litchiutilites!
I will do as point 2 of your recommendation

“I am not using the DJI FLy app, I am using Litchi app…”

@Fernando_A, even though you are using the Litchi app, the drone is still controlled by the DJI Virtual Stick Commands with your controller.

I might have missed something, however if the objective is to get a smooth circle for photo or video, look at using orbit mode. You can set a small radius and look outward, set speed, poi elevation, etc as well as set large radius and look inward, adjusting poi elevation etc. You can also adjust gimbal as well as push in forward, pull back for an oval while flying in orbit mode, also specify starting point to enter the orbit.


Hi, Steve. I haven’t used Litchi since Phantom II. I absolutely loved that the entire mission was entirely uploaded to the aircraft. I recently bought and returned a Mini 3 pro because DJI wouldn’t promise to release an SDK. Trying to decide what to replace it with, I decided to bite the bullet and spring for an “Enterprise” level drone - the Mavic 3 Enterprise. But now I’m worried it will be using a “virtual stick” type of control like you mentioned - with the problems of fine control mentioned in this thread. Do you think the Mavic 3 Enterprise will have these same problems?

I will give DJI credit for giving me a full refund for the Mini3 Pro and the Fly more kit - even though I was WAY past the time limit for returns. My reason for returning it, which they reluctantly accepted, was their failure to issue an SDK for the Mini 3 Pro.

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@Phil_Light, “Mavic 3 Enterprise series does support both waypoint at the firmware level and also virtual joystick” . I think this means that you will have dual options concerning VSC, but I am guessing.
While the Mavic 3E isn’t compatible with Litchi yet, DJI has said that they want to focus on the Enterprise drones. This doesn’t tell us very much at the moment, but the SDK has been released for the M3E unlike the other M3 versions or the Mini3. Hopefully soon you will have the ability to use Litchi and other 3rd party apps as well as DJI’s own internally loaded missions that will eliminate VSC during waypoint missions and smooth out your videos.
You could also look at a few Litchi Utilities made by Wes Barris as posted earlier in this thread for more help in stabilizing you missions IF you need it… Good luck! Here is a very helpful LINK for the M3E.
DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise - Download Center - DJI

If the Mavic 3 Enterprise is shipped with the DJI Fly platform then it will most certainly display that jerky flight characteristic, and will definitely return to home the instant signal between the drone and the controller is even briefly interrupted during any flight.

If I were to buy a “new” drone now, it would be the Mavic Pro2 which uses DJI Go4, enabling it to SMOOTHLY complete Litchi waypoint missions far beyond signal range, while filming the ground scenery with a phenomenally advanced camera even by today’s standards.

If I were in your shoes, sir, even with the purchase price being no object, I would unhesitatingly buy a used DJI Mavic Pro 2 over any other drone in current existence, and in so doing save a bushel basketful of money that would be far more enjoyably squandered in Vegas.

Thanks very much for this thoughtful reply. I’ll look at the Mavic Pro2 tomorrow. Price actually is an object, but I’m tired of getting drones that don’t quite do what I want. A little mapping, general video and still photography, virtual “tours” of my and my friends’ farms and local scenic areas, and high-resolution composite photos of large properties. Much of it is best done with an accurately programmed waypoint mission. I live in a hilly, heavily wooded area and waypoint accuracy is crucial to avoid those pesky oak trees.

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There’s NO base for this statement.

Just because DJI introduced VSC in their SDK for DJI Fly drones does NOT mean they also use VSC in in the FLY app.

It would make NO sense to use VSC in their high end/professional drones.

All youtube footage I have seen from waypoint missions with the Mavic 3 are as smooth as the None-VSC drones.

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Ah, I see. My presumption about DJI Fly was incorrect for the costlier Enterprise drones.

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I wish they made it easier to find out. None of the marketing text seems to give these details. I usually try to get the latest models of drones because, among other things, the cameras, obstacle avoidance (I’ve eventually crashed every drone I’ve owned trying to navigate between dense treetops - three so far), and battery life are usually improved. This is why I bought the very affordable Mini 3 Pro - expecting I could fly this with Litchi as I had my Phantoms before. I’ve been looking at the Mavic 3 Enterprise because I read that DJI was only going to release SDKs for enterprise-level aircraft moving forward. I really hate to spend that much money, but I tend to like to buy the latest model of electronics that will do the job. Newer is usually better. I’d appreciate suggestions. I’m a complete amateur.

Never expect/assume, always read up on the official sources.
In your case the compatibility list on

The Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine & Mavic 3 Classic have waypoint functionality within the DJI Fly app.

Your presumption used to be correct. At one time we could correctly say that “DJI Fly drones” all used the “Virtual Sticks” method of flying waypoint missions (with Litchi).

However, that changed in December when DJI released both a firmware upgrade and a DJI Fly upgrade that enabled on-board waypoints on the Mavic 3. The Mavic 3 can now fly waypoint missions using the superior on-board waypoint processing like the older Mavic 2 and Mavic Pro drones.

DJI has still not released an SDK for the Mavic 3 that would allow companies like Litchi to support it. I consider the DJI implementation of waypoints as a “proof-of-concept” only. Creating missions in DJI Fly (or DJI Go4) is awkward and does not have all of the features of Litchi. Hang on to your Mavic Pro.


I do see that! Trying to decide between the M3 and the M3 Classic now. I’m not sure how much I’d use the zoom function.

Phil, myself, I would rarely if every use the zoom function. If I upgrade, it will be to the M3 Classic. But I won’t do that unless and until DJI releases their SDK so that Litchi can use it. Otherwise, I’ll stay with my M2P.

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