Flakey camera operation

Dusted off my DJI Phantom 3 advanced as I now have a need to do some aerial photography and was disappointed to find that DJI GO no longer works on my android 5.1.1 tablet (works fine on my android 12 phone). Google brought me to Litchi and I was delighted to find it will work on android 5 so I got it. Inital impressions were good until I got to using the camera. WTF is going on here I thought. First flight, tap the little symbol on the tablet to change to video mode, hit record don’t get any feedback that it’s recording. Look at the screen and the mode indicator has moved back to camera. Ok I’ll take a picture, tap the shutter button, many seconds later it makes a sound that indicates a photo has been taken. Tested it on the ground and found it would take anything from 5 to 20 secs to respond to a screen touch. Select video mode and wait, it will instantly widen the video display but it takes many seconds before the shutter button turns red for video capture, changing back to photo mode is a similarly lengthy process. Noted there are several posts in here complaining about similar issues and reinstalling the app seemed to fix it so I reinstalled the app and it initially improved but with each operation the time to respond took longer and longer, on one occasion the app crashed. It’s like it’s busy doing something else. (processing the capture??) Anyway I went to the media library to see the results and when I returned to the flight interface I found that the camera functions were now quite responsive again. Pressing the right and left shoulder buttons started and stopped recording and took photos as did tapping the appropriate symbol on the screen. Had to stop testing as various batteries were flattened. Has anyone had a similar experience, any pointers as to what may be the issue. The tablet is a Samsung Tab 10.1 2014.

It’s a 10 year old device. I don’t think the processor is up to the job.