FFC or CE transmission icon on screen

Hi to all,
this may be a stupid suggestion as I’m pretty new to litchi and only been flying for about a year. Would it be possible to put an icon on screen with litchi to show what Transmission mode we are in FCC or CE?

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DJI Drones automatically switch to the correct transmission mode depending on location, here’s an overview:

Thank you sir, I’m aware of that, but I would like an icon on the app showing me for when I travel. It’s just a suggestion, and something I feel would be very handy

In the general settings - aircraft - transmission channel will show CE or FCC

I don’t see that, just looked, couldn’t find anything. Could you explain in detail please sir

Hi Vico, def does not show on mine sir

Hi Vico, I see your version is v4.24_BETA-g Build 30004255.
Is this going to be in the next update? As far as I can see v4.23 is the latest avail at the mo.

Vico, I’ve just downloaded the same version as you, 4.24 beta, still no FC or FCC in the settings. I have the mini 2 on Android?

Vico, I don’t have “transmission channel” on my v4.24_beta.

We only show it for wifi drones (mini 1/se, etc).
There is no way to actually get the current mode from the RC. For wifi drones, we show CE if channel 12 is present, otherwise FCC. Ocusync drones have different channels and I am unsure if we could tell between both


Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up Vico, was driving me crazy!!:sweat_smile::+1::ok_hand:

PS, Vico, I’m sure you guys can find a way, you’ve gone above and beyond with the litchi app…:wink::grin: