Feature (does it exist already?): Not immediately return to home on signal loss

Hi, new to litchi, fun messing around with it and my Mini SE’…
I notice that whenever there is a momentary signal loss in Follow Me(and I’m told waypoints also) it immediately cancels and returns to home…
Suitable for ideas and suggestions?
Can it be given a 10 count(user select-able?) like DJI Fly and resume if signal re-established?

I was doing a Follow me from 130ft up, 75± ft distance and it seemed to be doing really well(followed a mile+); then some glitch and it said ‘mode changed’ and it appeared to be returning to home’; I canceled it and was in control again.

This is one of the biggest complaints we hear in this Forum and for people using DJI Fly apps we have to deal with Virtual Stick Commands (VSC) which are constant signals being sent from the controller to the drone. Any disruption of the controller signals will cause an automatic RTH and there is not an option in Litchi to set a delay that I am aware of. Drones that use the Go4 app can finish Waypoint missions since the mission is stored in the drone. This is not an option for drones using the Fly app VSC.

I wonder how DJI Fly/programmers get their 10 second delay/count down on signal loss(Seems to be on video interruption well before controller/telemetry-data is usually lost)… Special DJI only API extension or something overlooked in Litchi. :face_with_monocle:

The “Failsafe RTH” feature is controlled by the drone. You can only select from “RTH”, “Descend”, and “Hover”. In 99% of cases, “RTH” is the proper choice.

From the Air 2s manual (others are probably very similar):

Failsafe RTH
If the Home Point was successfully recorded and the compass is functioning normally, Failsafe RTH
automatically activates after the remote controller signal is lost for more than 6 seconds. The aircraft will fly backwards for 50 m on its original flight route, and then enter Straight Line RTH. If the aircraft is less than 50 m from the Home Point when the video signal is lost, it flies to the Home Point at the current altitude.

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