Facebook live won't share

Tried to share a live feed to Facebook without success on android tried sharing to friends, public and a specific friend(a second account I set up for testing), attached is a screenshot of how they appear in the second account

Can’t see I’m doing anything wrong from the videos I’ve watched, yesterday I shared one with just myself and then had to change to friends after I posted it, any help gratefully accepted, as stated I’m using the Android app, the latest beta

When you first log in to fb using Litchi, it will ask you who you want to share posts with. If at that time you selected “only me” then I think sharing later may not work. Try to reset your Litchi permissions in facebook settings

Where will i find the permissions for litchi in facebook, I’ve looked through the apps and websites section in settings and can’t see it there

Facebook.com website, top right corner settings - Business integrations

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Cheers just found it, and set it to public, so i assume that will stay like that even if when i share to just friends or a specific person that will remain like that

Just ran a brief test and it seems to work, will investigate it further when i get out to fly